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Th.Müller/U.Feiter: Faszination Positurkanarien

Language: German
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Fascination type canaries - A passion for life

The book is the description of the smooth-feathered type canary breeds recognized in Germany and is based on the current DKB/AZ-Standard für Positurkanarien (Ausgabe 2010). It is the first edition of the series about the smooth-feathered type canaries known from the "Vogelfreund" as a technical book. In addition to the detailed researched history of development of all 18 smooth-feathered type canary breeds currently recognized in Germany, the two authors provide information on the current state of breeding, evaluation according to the DKB/AZ standard, exhibition, keeping and breeding. In this book, with its more than 380 illustrations and colour photos, a large number of pictures and representations from historical writings are published, which are hardly known and have so far only been shown in the original writings. A must read for all canary lovers, breeders, exhibitors and judges.


220 pages, 180 photos, 195 illustrations, 25 overview tables



Language: German


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