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Sébastian Reeber: Entenvögel - Europa, Asien und Nordamerika

Language: German
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Ducks - Europe, Asia and North America

Ducks, geese and swans of the northern hemisphere - a unique monograph.

More than 1500 illustrations and photos in highest quality.


This standard work presents all 84 species of ducks and geese native to Europe, North America and Asia, north of the Himalayas. With over 650 brilliant photographs, 938 drawings and 85 distribution maps, the visual material alone is uniquely comprehensive and detailed. Detailed descriptions inform about taxonomy, systematics, hybrids and all details of determination. An indispensable reference book for ornithologists, bird watchers, ornamental poultry keepers and conservationists.


Author: Sébastien Reeber


1st edition 2017, 658 pages, 650 color photos, 934 color drawings, 4 black and white drawings, 72 color plates, hardcover


Language: German

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