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Peter Berthold: Mein Leben für die Vögel

Language: German
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My life for the birds

and my 60 years with the Radolfzell ornithological station


The well-known bird researcher and conservationist Prof. Peter Berthold has written a very personal and entertaining book of memories. He reports on his transformation from forest hawk to scientist and tells the exciting and eventful history of the Radolfzell ornithological station, which was his professional home for over 60 years. Interesting background information on bird research alternates with delicious anecdotes from the work and history of the famous Max Planck Institute on Lake Constance.


Author: Prof. Dr. Peter Berthold

Prof. Dr. Peter Berthold was director of the Radolfzell Ornithological Station, Max Planck Institute for Ornithology, until 2004. In his work at the Radolfzell Ornithological Station (since 1967) he specialized in seven fields of work: Bird migration research, annual periodics, population dynamics, nutritional biology, genetics, capercaillie research and basic research for nature and environmental protection. In 1981, he was appointed professor of biology at the University of Constance. He is a member and honorary member of numerous societies, academies, committees and conservation associations in Germany and abroad. Since his retirement, he has been involved in nature conservation, especially as a member of the board of trustees of the Heinz Sielmann Foundation and the Lake Constance Biotope Network. He has received many awards for his original and groundbreaking work.


2016, 216 pages, hardcover edition, 37 colour photos, 43 black-and-white photos, 9 colour drawings, cloth binding with dust cover


Language: German

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