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Irene M. Pepperberg: Der Papagei, der mir zeigte, wie schön das Leben ist

Language: German
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Alex - The parrot that showed me how beautiful life is

Irene Pepperberg is a behavioural biologist and researcher at the renowned Harvard University. When she began her studies 30 years ago, it was not believed that birds were intelligent in any way, let alone talented in language.


But then Alex came along and turned everything around. Irene Pepperberg taught him to count, to understand complex concepts like bigger and smaller and more and less. She also proved that Alex was capable of emotions and thoughts. He missed her when she wasn't in the lab, he was jealous, he always wanted to show her that he was the boss.


In 2007 Alex died unexpectedly - his last words to Irene the night before he died were: "You be good. I love you." The story of the relationship between Irene and Alex is a milestone in scientific reporting and an unforgettable story of a very special relationship between human and animal.


Softcover, 208 pages

Appeared: September 2017

Weight: 305 g

ISBN: 978-3-86882-867-2


Language: German

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