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Hahn Bianca: Stuttgarter Amazonen - Papageien in der Großstadt

Language: German
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Stuttgart amazons in the metropolis

An excellent illustrated book about the free life of the Stuttgart amazons. More than 75 pages with wonderful outdoor photographs.


The experienced photographer and "Amazon researcher" Bianca Hahn gives an excellent insight into the life of the wild parrots. Besides impressive pictures, the magnificent volume provides valuable information about the parrot colony with meanwhile 65 birds. An exciting background comes to life in text and pictures: There are many different stories, how it came to the origin of the wild yellow-headed macaws in Stuttgart. The most widespread version is probably that the amazons escaped from Wilhelma zoo. However, Wilhelma denies ever having kept yellow-headed amazons. The fact is that a yellow-headed amazon was repeatedly sighted on the grounds of Wilhelma in 1984. Apparently there were some unsuccessful attempts to capture the amazon, and it is rumoured that animal protectionists took pity on the lonely amazon, collected money, bought another one and released it in 1985. The two amazons found each other as a pair and raised three young the following year.


Since then the population has been growing steadily and can be enjoyed in all its splendour in this illustrated book.


Language: German


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