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Leitsymptome bei Papageien und Sittichen

Language: German
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Guiding symptoms in parrots and parakeets


This book will guide you from the guiding symptom of a possible illness to a safe diagnosis and therapy. The structuring according to guiding symptoms and the "if-then principle" offers the highest practical benefit.


Detailed instructions are written for the practicing veterinarian. However, they provide each owner and breeder with easily comprehensible insights into avian medicine: What can the ill animal expect? What will the treatment look like in the practice?


Step by step the diagnostic and therapeutic methods are followed. The big plus: with the problem-oriented approach you look directly over the shoulder of the bird practitioner.


 The principle is: On the direct path from problem to solution

·        clear flow diagrams for each guiding symptom

·        everything about specimen collection and interpretation of results

·        short and concise description of the diseases

·        Disease part with selected image material

·        comprehensive drug list


At a glance

·        practical instructions and excellent visual material

·        visually highlighted immediate measures and therapy

·        Fundamentals of general examination, imaging diagnostics, laboratory diagnostics and anaesthesia in birds


Content plus: Now also with the guiding symptoms "behavioural disorder" and "eye changes".


The book is included in the teaching aid program of the "Akademie für Vogelhaltung".



360 pages and 373 illustrations


Language: German

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