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Dr. Matthias Reinschmidt: Zucht von Papageien & Sittichen

Language: German
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Breeding of parrots & parakeets

Breeding, rearing and care of young birds

The technical book for the successful parrot breeding. From the brood over the breeding up to the care and supply of the juvenile birds. Extract of contents:

·        Selection of breeding birds

·        Natural brood

·        Alternative rearing methods

·        Feeding, housing, healthy keeping

·        Breeding management including artificial brood and hand rearing

·        Developments in parrot and parakeet breeding


Valuable practical tips are also provided for everyday breeding. For example, on changing feed during the course of the year, on nesting boxes, litter, aviary equipment or on handling eggs, chicks and young animals.


Veterinary aspects such as reproduction and breeding aptitude testing are treated specially by Prof. Dr. Michael Lierz (University of Gießen, Clinic for Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish) and by the practicing veterinarian Dr. Marcellus Bürkle in two guest chapters.


The species-specific instructions and notes on African parrots, Amazons, macaws, the spectrum of Australian and South American parakeets, Eclectus parrots and Layard's parakeets, cockatoos and loris, among others, round off this comprehensive body of knowledge.


About the author: Dr. Matthias Reinschmidt is director of Karlsruhe Zoo and editor of the journal PAGEIEN. The biologist and animal physiologist was previously curator and zoological director of Loro Parque on Tenerife. Dr. Reinschmidt was already engaged in professional parrot breeding during his studies and the subsequent doctorate. He was the first in Germany to be awarded the Dr. biol. anim. In this book he combines his profound scientific background with many years of own breeding experience - and with his very personal passion for parakeet and parrot breeding.


200 pages, over 150 illustrations, new publication 2020


Language: German

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