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Dietmar Nill, Bernhard Ziegler: Coole Käuze

Language: German
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Cool owls

An extraordinary illustrated book full of emotion and information.

With portrait of the tawny owl, the "Bird of the Year 2017".

Recommended by NABU.


This volume offers surprising insights into the way of life and behavior of the tawny owl, little owl, pygmy owl, bearded owl, rough-footed owl and Ural owl. Magnificent photos show behaviours and situations that one almost never sees. The authors report many interesting and exciting facts about the owls and present important conservation projects. A wonderful book for big and small owl friends - to leaf through, marvel at and love. Recommended by NABU.


Authors: Dietmar Nill, Bernhard Ziegler

Dietmar Nill: Dietmar Nill is one of the best known and most distinguished nature photographers and film makers. His films and photos have received numerous awards, including five consecutive times being voted nature photographer of the year. His photos are mainly published in the National Geographic

Bernhard Ziegler: Bernhard Ziegler is a biologist and environmental pedagogue. He works at the Listhof Environmental Education Center in Reutlingen. His articles appear regularly in journals and magazines.


1st edition 2017, 160 pages, 150 color photos, hardcover


Language: German

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