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Bohn-Förder, von Lüttwitz: Alle meine Entchen

Language: German
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All my little ducklings

Species-appropriate husbandry and care


They are in a nice way a little bit solitary, live together in loose group associations and practice "free love". Water is their thing, and they like snails to eat them. How domestic ducks tick, what their needs are and how they want to live is revealed in this practical guide, thus giving all those who are fascinated by these charismatic birds a good introduction to the hobby of duck keeping. The breeding and rearing of offspring is also not neglected. The authors also attach great importance to well-founded information on common health problems with ducks and their treatment, because not every private duck owner has a veterinarian experienced in this field.


From the content:

·        Ducks are like that

·        Which breed of ducks suits me?

·        Appropriate keeping for ducks

·        This is how it works with the offspring in the duck house

·        Sick duck, now what?


Authors: Marion Bohn-Förder and Michael von Lüttwitz


Marion Bohn-Förder has been fascinated by geese and ducks since her childhood. Her great interest is the behaviour of these water birds. In Vogelsberg in Hessen she successfully breeds grey Pomeranian geese and Franconian country geese. Furthermore she keeps "just for fun" Canada geese and Lesser White-fronted Geese. She volunteers in the breeding of fowl and is known as "The Goose Breeder" from TV. In 2012 her book about private goose keeping, "Liebenswerte Länghälse", was published by Cadmos-Verlag.


Michael von Lüttwitz discovered his love for pedigree poultry at the age of 14 - especially chickens and ducks. After studying biology, he became an editor at the trade journal "Geflügel-Börse". He still works there today and has written well over 1000 articles on poultry breeding. He is a judge and chairman of the "Sonderverein zur Erhaltung des Araucana- und Zwerg-Araucana-Huhnes". In addition, he represents the interests of the organised breeders in the "Verband für Hühner-, Groß- und Wassergeflügelzüchtervereine" for the conservation of species and breed diversity. In this association he is not only the 1st chairman but also the animal welfare officer.


2015, 128 pages, softcover, approx. 80 colour illustrations


Language: German

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